What is Fresh Ginger?

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The quirkiness of life is nothing short of fascinating and why not comment on it? Fresh Ginger is me, gardener, beer and cider maker, hobby chef (now a gluten free one), knitter, future sustainable agriculture farmer, folk music lover and my personality… spicy!


  1. Hi Ginger,

    My name is Tina Jin, the community manager for a new blogger community called Gluten Free (www.atomicreach.com/tribe/glutenfree). This is a website powered by Atomic Reach, and features bloggers writing about being or becoming gluten free. This community will focus on food, diet, tips, advice and personal stories on the subject. I want this Gluten Free community to be a place where expert advice and tips are consolidated in one place for everyone to digest.

    If you decide to join, Gluten Free will publish the title of your posts and the first few sentences of each post. If readers want to read the full story, they’ll be pushed to your blog and give you traffic. These readers will be people who share the same passion and interests as you, which is the sole purpose of the community.

    If you’re interested in joining our community, please e-mail me back at tinajin @ atomicreach.com with “Gluten Free” in the subject line. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.


  2. Hey There,

    My name is JJ Buechner, I’m the social media director for Circus Cafe in Saratoga Springs, NY and we currently have the largest gluten free menu in our capital district area. I’m writing to you because we would like to get the word out in the blog world so when families are traveling they can have a place to have a large gluten free selection. I don’t know if you ever blog about places to eat but if you do we would love to be considered for a mention on your blog 🙂


  3. I wanted to write you to commend you on your excellent blog. You are doing a great job informing individuals about living a gluten free lifestyle. I wanted to introduce myself and my company as well. I am the marketing director of Allergy Menu Specialists. We have recently created a new publication called “The Gluten Free Consumer.” It is a 16 page full color magazine that will be going out nationwide Aug 1st 2011.

    The main Purpose behind “The Gluten Free Consumer,” is to inform individuals about great gluten free products, services and restaurants. As you know gluten free products can be three to four times more expensive than regular items. Our main purpose is to help individuals by recommending items for them to buy. So they don’t end up spending money on bad products.

    You can find out more information at http://www.allergymenuspecialists.com . We also have a couple of youtube videos as well. http://youtu.be/CTGEud5oQFc , http://youtu.be/33K1angcr5I .

  4. Hi Ginger,

    I read a post of yours on another blog about some GF brewing you had tried. I’m looking into doing a batch myself and I was hoping you could point me towards any info that may have helped you along the way.

    From one glutard to another,


  5. Hi Ginger,

    I’d love to ask you a few questions about GF cooking. Do you have an email address I can contact you at? If it’s easier, please contact me at my email address: loren@tastybite.com. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Hi Ginger,

    We have a dietary mobile app on Android and soon iPhone and Gluten-free is in the top 5 of our subscriber’s dietary profiles. Is there a way we could appear/link on your site? Thanks for your consideration!

    • let me know when the app is ready for the iPhone!

  7. Your pictures made my stomach growl!!!!

    You have great imagination in your cooking, To me, that is what makes a great cook! I admire that Girl!

    Miss you!

  8. I found your site interesting and I noticed you mentioned canning. Do you know anything about pressure caners and are they very difficult to use?
    Do berries need to canned in a jam or sauce form, or can they be canned whole? Also, I was wondering if you have used a pressure cooker for any of your cooking? I have been debating about getting one.

    Congratulation on the new position at work, your the best person for it.

  9. Kelly, I am happy to share info! Where are you located? There are some breweries that make a gluten free ale, but they are hard to find. One of my fellow bloggers, Sally of Aprovechar http://aprovechar.danandsally.com/ and her hubby Dan have been making some pretty great sounding ales. I have fallen off the GF brewing bandwagon and switched to cider and vodka, but am still looking to brew again. I did make a batch of something that tasted pretty darn good unfermented and then I let it sit on the yeast for a year. I am such a back slider brewer now!

    Here are a couple of recipes from BYO http://byo.com/component/resource/article/1401-simple-simon-gluten-free

    What I would recommend is finding oats and roasting them yourself to add color or roasting anything grain-like to add some depth and color. Even corn. Certified gluten free malted oats would be great, but likely impossible to find, so I did take a risk and used malted oats that a friend gave me, rinsed them off briefly, let them dry and then roasted them. I would also try rice malt as I think I just don’t like the flavor of sorghum malt, but it could be I don’t like sorghum malt converted into a lager as some ales I have had tasted fine, but also had honey in them.

    Hopefully that is a starting point for you. I will send more info as I think of it! Let me know how the beer turns out! Perhaps that will reenergize my gf brewing efforts!

  10. Hi Ginger,
    I used to be an avid beer brewer, but alas have also joined the Gluten Free lifestyle and for the last year have not partaken of beer… except for the not so exceptional GF lagers available on the market. I’m hopeing you could share some times and sources for GF beer brewing. Let me know if you have any good starting references.

  11. To whom it may concern;

    I am writing to inform you of our new Gluten free menu. About 4 yrs ago my sister Christine and I opened nebo restaurant at 90 N. Washington St. in Boston’s North End. Nebo is a traditional Italian restaurant offering dishes based on recipes that were passed down from our mother and grandmother. After being open for about a year, two of our closest friends were told they had Celiac disease. We then realized just how many people this disease has affected and the need for an alternative for their dining restrictions. Determined to serve our friends their favorites, we set upon making our menu available in a gluten free form. We are thrilled to say that we have now produced 90% of our menu with the same great taste as our regular menu. We don’t think there has been an accomplishment that has brought us more pleasure. If you would like us to forward a copy of our Gluten free menu please send a menu request to nebofunctions@gmail.com .

  12. Hi!
    I follow your Twitter feed, am a Lansing foodie. Might be down to split a CSA share–I’ll take the beets! 😉


  14. Hi Ginger!

    I like your site! I, too, love flavorful foods. Right now I’m doing PR for a company that’s launching a line of GF tea sweets and I thought you might be interested in receiving a sample to review. If so, please email me your email address (for a digital press release) and mailing address (for the sample) and we’ll get it sent off to you soon! I look forward to hearing from you!

    (vee at veetea dot com)

  15. HI GINGER!

    Great blog. Please enlarge the middle picture–it’s hard to see. And call home every week.

    Love, MOM

  16. Love your Flickr site. Great, great pictures.

    Of course the Blog is great too.


  17. Ginger–

    Do you know about the Weston A. Price Foundation? They have interesting ideas about nutrition. I have joined the local chapter. We have periodic meetings. Next one is in Great Falls, Thursday, Aug 26th at 6:00. Email me at if interested in details and I can send you a meeting announcement.


  18. Hi Ginger,

    Just wanted to share to you this site that has a list of gluten free restaurants in the US,UK, and Australia.

    its at: http://www.menulog.com.au/browse/gluten_free

    Hope this would be useful..


  19. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know, I tried to post a comment on your latest menu and the link seemed broken. It all sounds good, though, and I love the pics.


  20. Hi Ginger,

    I just started a prepared foods line, called Food Matters, which makes lasagna. I saw you posted a comment on celiac chics mentioning you wish we delivered to Michigan. I just scrolled through your blog and it looks really neat. How cool..you make your own beer?!

    If you are interested in trying our lasagna, we can ship anywhere in the United Sates via Fed-ex. I hope to hear from you soon.

  21. Danielle,

    Hi and thanks for checking out my blog! Cheese! I love cheese and hope to give up my job and be a cheese maker and brewmistress someday. I noticed in your blog that your hubby loves Chimay, are you still in the Chicago area? If so, you have been to the Hop Leaf I hope! I love that bar, mussels and pomme frites (gluten free to boot). We go every time we are there.
    Where can I find a Tomme de Savoie in Michigan? It sound great!
    I will be using your blog as a resource as well!

  22. Hi Ginger,

    I found to your site through 101 Cookbooks, where you responded to my request for an oat substitute. I enjoy your blog, and will be using it as a resource.


  23. Hi Ginger!
    Synchronicities as they may be, I was led to your site through a series of links. Funny part is the amount of similarities…same blogspot layout, gluten-free, gardener, lansing michigan. One question anywhere around the Lansing area to get gluten-free beer?

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog…you’ve got a lot of great stuff here.
    Thanks for the resource!


  24. Dear Ginger,

    I have known about spelt for over 20 years and am still amazed by the stories told by people who are in search of a healthy, good tasting product that is truly a nurturing food.

    I saw where you brew your own beer. Spelt was the original beer that we know of today. Hildegaard of Bingen, 11th century mystic, used spelt in all of her cures.She is credited with adding hops to the process. She long had used the “grog” as an elixir by adding different herbs and spices. When she added the hops it forever changed the nature of the beer by acting as an antioxidant and preservative as well as by forever changing the taste.


  25. Rob, sorry for the delayed reply! I would recommend planting honey crisp apples, they are great for everything, fresh, baking, sauce. I will ask my dad if there is something else the backyard apple tree owner should have. Honey crisp is a later variety, so I would plant an earlier variety too. Thanks for stopping by!

  26. Hello Ginger,

    Just thought I would pop by and welcome you to GTB (Green Thumb Bloggers).

    Loving your site, and am amazed at how much great info you have. I will be visiting here quite often, once I get my apple trees up and going. Any recommendations of type I should grow? 😉

    Good luck and welcome to the club!

  27. Hello,
    You had a question on Mahanandi blog abt Gluten free Asafoetida. I am the one who is doing the guest series on spices for that blog. Just wanted to let you know that Supreme Spice Asafoetida extract is gluten free too. You can visit http://www.SupremeSpice.com and get more details or you can contact me.
    Anjali Damerla

  28. Hi: My name is Ginger too. I am also a GF blogger. May I link your site to mine?

    You can check it out.


  29. Fresh Ginger,
    I caught your site because of its references to Traverse City. We, Traverse Magazine team, are starting a new free e-newsletter about food and wine of our area. I would like to invite you to subscribe, especially because of your affiliation with the area’s produce. I should have a subscription link off of our home page by the end of next week. I’d love to hear what you think and what you’d be interested in seeing in the newsletter.

    Rachel North
    Marketing Director

  30. I am Avoiding Milk Protein,

    I have added your blog on my sites list of Celiac and Wheat Free Blogs.

    You may may want to review it.

    My long list of suppliers of Gluten Free Foods over 100 suppliers and growing

    Karen Blue

  31. Hi Ginger,

    I just got your post about spelt products. I am wheat/gluten intolerant, but spelt does not bother me at all. If you’re concerned you could try the white spelt – the whole grain is a little rougher. Just a thought…let me know how it works for you.

    Have a lovely day!
    Heather 🙂

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