Posted by: Ginger | January 16, 2012

it’s time for a little change, well perhaps a lot of change

Greetings from NW Michigan!  I finally made it back to the farm and ironically have more time on my hands to cook and blog.  Aside from the move, I also switched jobs, got married and lived in our house while it was being completely remodeled, all in the same two months.  No wonder it seems like I have free time now.

I live on the cherry apple potato farm I grew up on and now have 16 chickens.  I have a small view of Lake Michigan from the North windows of my house and can see the light house between South Manitou Island ( which is a national park) and the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes (which is a national lake shore)when I drive over the hill to go or return from anywhere.  Yep, I’m pretty happy!

Here’s a pic our our new backyard after the first snow :

And a wedding day photo or two:


i’m out

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