Posted by: Ginger | January 31, 2008


It is such a great word to say, chimichurri. Chimichurri sauce tastes as lively as it sounds too! Since my steak is comfortably marinating in the chimichurri sauce right now, I have some time to type up the recipe. I actually made an effort to document the amounts of the ingredients I used, just so I could do this. There are hundreds of variations on Chimichurri sauce and I am sure you will alter mine to your tastes as well, so let this just be a spring board for the one you end up creating. This marinade tastes great on steak, chicken, pork and I can only imagine that it would be great on tofu too. The idea is to marinate and then grill, then eat, adding additional marinade if you like. I find that the amount of raw onion and garlic in the marinade keeps me from eating too much of it ungrilled. I think it would be great on baked potatoes too (but I would warm it up first) or parboil some potatoes and toss them in this chunky marinade and grill, instant potato salad! This recipe makes great use of your herb garden, except mine has no cilantro in it right now….
Chimichurri sauce

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup white wine vinegar (or red if that is what you have on hand)

1 small onion (i used a red onion today as that is what I had)

4 large cloves of garlic

1/3 cup packed parsley – just the tops, leave the stems out

1/3 cup of packed cilantro – mostly the tops, leaving stems out again

2 heaping tbs of fresh oregano

3 smallish bay leaves

1-2 small dried red peppers or 1 tsp red pepper flakes (or more)

1 tsp or more of fresh cracked peppercorns, if it is preground, use a bit more

1 tsp kosher salt

Put it all in food processor and blend until it is a thick liquid, it will still be somewhat chunky, unless maybe you use a blender. This makes about 1.5 cups, far more than you need for a couple of steaks and it really doesn’t freeze that well, so plan to use the rest in the next couple of days or have friends over, or cut the recipe in half. I might heat some up in a pan and use it as a dip for the patacones this eve.

Tell me what you think if you try it!

i’m out


  1. hot & good



    We love Asado y Chimichurri

    CARNEALFUOCO – ricette barbecue community

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